Sunday Snippet: What Do We See? by Emma McKay

Today’s Sunday Snippet is a poem called What Do We See? by Emma McKay. It was her reply, from a nurse’s perspective to the poem Cranky Old Man.

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What Do We See? by Emma McKay

What do we see, you ask, what do we see?
Yes, we are thinking when looking at thee!
We may seem to be hard when we hurry and fuss,
But there’s many of you and too few of us.

We would like far more time to sit by you and talk,
To bath you and feed you and help you to walk.

To hear of your lives and the things you have done;
Your childhood, your husband, your daughter, your son.

But time is against us,
there’s too much to do – Patients too many, and nurses too few.

We grieve when we see you so sad and alone
With nobody near you, no friends of your own.

We feel all your pain,
and know of your fear That nobody cares now your end is so near
But nurses are people with feelings as well,
And when we’re together you’ll often hear tell Of the dearest old Gran in the very end bed,
And the lovely old Dad, and the things that he said,

We speak with compassion and love,
and feel sad When we think of your lives and the joy that you’ve had,
When the time has arrived for you to depart,
You leave us behind with an ache in our heart.

When you sleep the long sleep, no more worry or care,
There are other old people, and we must be there.

So please understand if we hurry and fuss –
There are many of you, And so few of us.


I think this poem What Do We See? by Emma McKay is a lovely insight into the life of a nurse. What do you think? Please leave a comment below.

Please note that the poem was posted by Emma McKay, I do not know if she is the original author. I have tried searching online but not seen any credits with the name of the author. If you do know the actual author, please do confirm. I sent Emma a message to try to clarify but she’s yet to reply

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