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I recently found out about a website Grow Traffic that claims to promote websites by sending traffic their way. I am considering using it as a case study.

For instance, you can set up a PPC campaign on Google and similar for other search engines. These services are paid for.

Then there are service providers that charge you but use bots to send traffic your way. Obviously you don’t want these because the visits you get won’t be doing anything positive for you or your website, so I don’t really think it is worth the effort.

I did a case study on CoPromote and sent traffic to my YouTube video. This I invested time into, not money and I got a 1% return on investment. Here’s the YouTube video to the case study, I recommend watching to the end (sorry it’s a bit long but definitely packed with useful info).

I will update this post if/after I run a case study on Grow Traffic

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