Coming Soon . . . Investing in Africa Virtual Summit 2017

What is the Investing in Africa Virtual Summit 2017?

Segilola Salami's Investing in Africa Virtual Summit 2017 Digital Strategies for entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, authorpreneurs, bloggerpreneurs

Have you ever considered expanding your business’ reach into Africa but been put off by news in the media?

Would you like to hear from other entrepreneurs who have taken the plunge and gotten positive results?

Then this Investing in Africa Virtual Summit is for you.

Segilola Salami’s Investing in Africa Virtual Summit: Digital Strategies is a 1-day virtual event where several market leaders share their proven step by step strategies that you too can employ when promoting your business in Africa or to Africans.

Why invest in Africa?

According to World Bank, economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa alone is projected to reach 2.6% in 2017. The continent’s aggregate growth is expected to rise to 3.2% in 2018 and 3.5% in 2019.

Internet access in Africa has been poor compared to the rest of the world as the telecommunications market in the region is still in the early stages. That said, it is now one of the fastest growing markets in the world. What this means for businesses is that there’s a new audience of millions of people eagerly waiting to find out about your products and services.

Nigeria alone, with a population of close to 200 million people, has about 92 million internet users as at December 2016 according to Internet World Stats. The potential for any business is humongous and the best bit is that if you provide electronic products or virtual services, you don’t need to have a physical presence in Africa to promote your business.

What can you expect from this summit?

The guest speakers, who are leaders in their field, will share step by step strategies that they’ve used to promote their products and/or services to Africans worldwide or those residing in Africa. These are strategies that you can use to see growth in your own business too if utilised appropriately.


Guest Speakers

Jack HM Wong

segilola salami's investing in africa virtual summit digital strategies jack hm wong

Jack is an Amazon-best selling author of his book Cracking the Entrepreneur Code and the founder and senior managing partner of WHM Consulting Pte Ltd. He specialises in advising entrepreneurs and experts (e.g. coaches, consultants, trainers and speakers) on business and marketing strategies that work in today’s market. He started his entrepreneurship journey in June 2011 after working in the corporate world as a tax expert for 17 years and at that time he had no branding and social proof. Jack used the idea of writing a book as a way to build his brand and authority on entrepreneurship, creating & running his entrepreneurship programs in several Asian countries, and speaking on entreprneurship topics in 4 out of 5 continents in the world, including South Africa in 2015.

You can connect with Jack on Facebook ( or Twitter @JackHMWong.

Presentation: How I used my book as a proven tool to reach out to my target audience beyond Singapore


Nadine Bryan
Nadine Bryan founded Brysocréma, a cosmetics company that catered to the Ethnic market. Nadine originally segilola salami's investing in africa virtual summit digital strategies nadine bryan broscremastarted as a home based business by making and creating hair moisturising products (for natural hair), body butters and male grooming products in her home in South London.  She felt she needed to have a range that would easily engage the consumer to the quality of the products, a visionary.  That visionary became B:U, having spent time on researching make-up, consumer buying habits and what the pre-existing competition had to offer the Ethnic market, Nadine felt there was scope here to offer the Ethnic consumer what they were missing. 

You can connect with Nadine on Twitter @Brysocrema

Presentation: How to Market your brand in an unknown Territory – Plan, Initiate then Execute 


Harrison Akadidi

segilola salami's investing in africa virtual summit digital strategies harrison akadidiH. Akadidi is seasoned PR & Marketing Consultant, with a career spanning over a decade. He is the founder of H&M Nigeria, Celebrity Booking NG, Innovation Awards & The Executive Producer of the Open Mall Fashion Show Lagos. Harrison Akadidi has produced over 30 successful events on record and currently producing TV contents that promotes Nigeria all over the world.

You can connect with Harrison on Twitter @HarrisonAkadidi

Presentation: How to build a powerful brand and how to connect to other power brand.

Femi Owoyale

femi owolaye segilola salami's investing in africa virtual summit 2017 guest speaker digital strategies

Femi is a certified cyber security expert with years of experience in Digital Marketing. He runs IT firm: and spends weekends training entrepreneurs and business owners in London on digital marketing strategies.

He’s a serial entrepreneur with a few successful businesses including Jolancer, Nigeria’s largest Freelancers platform, AfroFinland, the largest African community magazine in Finland, as well as Scholarshipo, a popular scholarship info hub for students from developing countries

Presentation: Strategic marketing with innovative data-driven decisions



Segilola Salami's investing in africa virtual summit digital strategies june 2017Segilola Salami is a multi-genre and Amazon bestselling author, blogger and podcaster based in the United Kingdom. She’s also the host of the best podcast show in publishing The Segilola Salami Show. You can find out more about her here.

You can connect with Segilola on Twitter @iyayetunde1.



Wilnona Marie and Jade Dee

Segilola Salami's Investing in Africa Virtual Summit 2017 Digital Strategies Wilnona Marie and Jade Dee Co-hosts And I thought LadiesWilnona- is the author of twelve books including being a co-Author of the And I Thought Series. Recently she signed a three book contract with Cats Meow/traditional branch of publishing. She has an Advocate award for her work written and within the survivor domestic abuse survivor program.
Jade- Is a co-author of the And I Thought series and a hidden author on Wilnona’s many books. She co-host the podcast/Roku Tv/& internet radio show name The Women’s Cave. Jade is a public face representing the other eight ladies. She has enjoyed their book tours and is now excited about being in the new show, although she is an introvert.

Who is this summit for?

If you are an entrepreneur (established or aspiring) considering reaching a new user base, then this summit is for you. All types of entrepreneurs are invited including but not limited to: authorpreneurs, bloggerpreneurs and mumpreneurs.

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DATE: 7th of September 2017

TIME: 2pm GMT London

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2pm: Jack HM Wong

3pm: Nadine Bryan

4pm: Harrison Akadidi

5pm: Femi Owoyale

6pm: Nathan Hirsch

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

If you would like to sponsor this Summit, please contact the Summit’s host Segilola Salami to discuss.

sponsors wanted for segilola salami's investing in africa virtual summit



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