Hey mums, check out this clinical trial on hair loss

Hey mums, check out this clinical trial on hair loss

Following my post last year about Rosemary oil for postpartum hair loss, I was contacted by SensilabUK, the manufacturers of a hairloss supplement. They were very optimistic about the effectiveness of their supplements for hairloss but I had to ask the question: what proof did they have that their products actually work? I mean, there are lots of products in the market today that make a lot of bogus claims but don’t deliver. What was the reply? They had conducted a clinical trial that proved the effectiveness of their product.

Once I heard that, I was truly intrigued. Here’s a company that was putting its money where its mouth is. So I asked to see a copy of the clinical trial results that was published in a reputable journal.


The Clinical Trial

I wasn’t given info on where exactly the clinical trial was published or if it was peer reviewed but I guess a quick Google search can sort that.

The study was:

Double blind study

  • 50 women (25 active, 25 placebo)
  • Group A: 500 mg/ day Cynatin®, group B: placebo (control)
  • 90 days
  • Evaluation on hair:
    • Every day hair loss; hair pull test
    • Anagen/telogenphase hair test
    • Amino acids of hair
    • Resistance to traction
    • Hair brightness analysis
  • Evaluation on nails (tendency to break)
  • Evaluation on skin (skin moisture, skin elasticity, skin wrinkles, skin cohesivity(protein content)


The results:

Hair pull test

  • Cynatine reduced hair loss almost 4 times over Placebo group at 30 days.
  • 100% of the Cynatinegroup had a minimum decrease in hair loss of at least 20%, compared to the Placebo group.


Resistense to traction

  • Cynatine increased the strength of hair after 90 days
  • Cynatine improves the structure of the hair
  • Cynatine improves the strength of hair


To read the full clinical study, click on either links: Cynatine HNS clinical tech review EN  and Sensilab Nutrishine_presentation ENG


My thoughts

The results of the clinical study seem impressive but even as a lay person, I would have loved to know their inclusion/exclusion criteria:

  • How did they determine who to include and who to exclude from the study?
  • What were the ages, ethnicity, and general health/wellbeing of all the participants?
  • Where was the study conducted? In a centre or in the participants’ homes?
  • How were the results collected?
  • Who collected the results? eg A trichologist?
  • What was the background of the person who analysed the results?
  • Would this supplement be suitable for men too?

Obviously as this is a food supplement and not a medicinal product they don’t have to conduct very robust clinical trials.


About NutriShine

hey mums, check out this clinical trial on hair loss

NutriShine contains Cynatine®HNS, natural keratin soluble in patented form, and zinc supplement which together help promote hair growth and reducing its loss, giving the hair glow and strengthening.

At the same time, has a positive influence on the quality of nails and blocks the effects of skin aging.

NutriShine is recommended and suitable for all those who suffer of:

• Hair loss,

• Hair dry, damaged and dull.

We feed our hair with NutriShine Supplement from within and therefore we restore its density and glow.


You can buy NutriShine via the Sensilab website by clicking here.


Did you know?

We usually lose 70-120 hairs every day, of course we do not count them, but each massive hair loss (thinning hair and the appearance of baldness) is observed quite quickly.

Healthy hair is very resistant and during mechanical handling, like combing and brushing, it does not break. The hair with damaged structure breaks pretty quickly. The hair quality, among others, is also influenced by a poor diet, stress, heredity, hormonal changes, pregnancy and aging. If we add to these the chemical and thermal processing (e.g. permanent coloring, hair straightening, quick drying with a hair dryer), we realize that hair is exposed daily to a number of negative factors affecting its quality and structure.

In times of hormonal fluctuations, especially in the period after birth hair looks glossy less and dull due to low content of keratin. NutriShine revitalizes the hair, it restores its vitality and prevents its fall, at the same time, encouraging healthy growth.

The hair has about 80% of keratin fibers in its composition, which means that by introducing the keratin in the body, hair will be significantly improved. It is very important and necessary for keratin to be in an accessible form in the body.



So mums, what do you think of this clinical trial on hair loss? Please leave a comment below

I now have a 20 day box of NutriShine and would give it a go myself. Stay tune 😉

5 thoughts on “Hey mums, check out this clinical trial on hair loss

  • This article helpful for me about Healthy Hair This Spring. I worried about hair care. Now my confusion has cleared by your review and gotten much information from your article. But I have a little question that, how many days later will I use shampoo for hair quickly grow and strong in a week alongside with the best foods? Could you please suggest to me? Then I will be benefited from your valuable consultancy.

  • I am actually a suffering from hair fall, i have used every kind of product out there but nothing worked,but all my doubt gone away,Thanks for sharing this kind of valuable information with us,it will help more people like me

    • thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Before trying out any new products, I think it is important to try to figure out the cause of your hair loss. Hair loss is sometimes a symptom of an underlying condition eg PCOS. I once read that something like 1 in 5 women has PCOS but not everyone is aware that they have PCOS. So once you have ruled out any underlying condition, then you can look at your diet. I think the first thing you should do, if you have not already done so, is to speak to your healthcare professional and get a blood test done.

      Feel free to drop me a line if I can offer you any help or maybe sign post you.

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