Character Interview: After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby by Sunshine Rodgers

Today’s blog post features an interview with a character from After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby by Sunshine Rodgers, a christian, suspense, thriller, fiction.

The target age range of this book is 18+

Does this book contain adult themes? If yes, please state them:

YES. The Story is set in Hades, so there a couple are somewhat disturbing scenes of the Underworld. On Earth, there are scenes of underage drinking and a mention of teenage pregnancy

Format, ISBN and date published: Paperback, 978-1980699439, 3.30.18

Format, ISBN and date published: Hardcover, 978-1087815336, 3.30.18

Format, ISBN and date published: EBook, B07BVQQ2W4, 3.30.18

Name of publisher: RWG Publishing

Link to After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby on Amazon:

Synopsis of After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby

Oh, that’s right, we talk about your love life. We sit with you in class. We know all about that thing you did last night. How do we know? We watch you. We go to those dance clubs with you. We scheme hideous outcomes for you. We know exactly what it is that will get you to our side. We create those wrong friendships you wished you never had. We invite you into those relationships that break your heart. We give you the life you never wanted, but it came at such a sweet price. We promised you the world and you took it like a kid wanting candy. All. Too. Easy. All I can say is, please, don’t let me get in the way of the worst ending of your life. I’m right behind you. I’ll open that door to frustration, nonsense and destruction.

Please. After You.

Character Interview: After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby by Sunshine Rodgers

Name of character to be interviewed:


Why was this character chosen for this interview?:

He’s a Demon who works under Lucifer in Hades. Amon works in the Possessions Department as a Field Minion. He’s the main character in the book “After You: A Demon is Always Lurking Nearby”

Question 1: Tell me about the different Codes working down in Hades.

Answer: A Code Blue means someone on Earth is praying. A Code Orange means that there are several prayers. And a Code Red means that the prayers from the humans on Earth are so consistent and powerful that Heavenly intervention is coming to ruin our plans. We do everything we can to avoid a Code Red.

Question 2: Are who is your Enemy?

Answer: God Himself and anyone who works for Him. He’s the one who cast out my boss, Lucifer and The Originals. I never truly understood the intense hatred the other demons have with Him. In fact, when I meet with Him at the end of the story…well, maybe it was Lucifer’s fault after all. Ssshh! I wouldn’t dare admit that. That’s treason to our cause.

Question 3: Tell me about your assignment on Earth.

Answer: I am in charge of posssessing a teenage girl, Jennifer. I take my assignment very seriously and often confide in the Hades Textbook for Field Minions. At first, she is just another name on the roster, but I grow to develop some unknown feelings of compassion for her as her personal life spins out of control.

Question 4: Who do you work with?

Answer: My Department Boss, Agag yells at me for any little thing I do wrong. My co-workers Confusion and Strife help me on my assignments. And one of THE Originals, Pride, makes sure my big assignment doesn’t get messed up.

Question 5: What’s the one thing you are afraid of?

Answer: Followers of Christ! They are a dangerous group to our kind! Their prayers can destroy our plans! So many of my fellow minions have been defeated through these Followers.


This character Interview was submitted by Sunshine Rodgers, The Author.

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