April 4, 2016


Testimonials by previous guests on The Segilola Salami Show

I think I saw a few sales from the podcast

toby weston is science fiction dead singularityGreat podcast, great fun! Thanks for the wide-ranging and very interesting chat. I hope I could convince you and your listeners that SciFi is not dead?
If not I would be happy to come back some time and pick up the discussion in your digital cafe! Thanks for running a great podcast! Keep up the good work!


PS: I think I saw a few sales from the podcast, mostly in America though, which was unexpected, but welcome.

Toby Weston appeared on the “is science fiction dead” episode, October 2018.


Segilola is the complete package

Catherine Auman: do not write only to make moneySegilola is the complete package: authentic, enthusiastic, caring and a wonderful host. She knows the interview process inside and out, and it felt as comfortable as sitting down for coffee with a girlfriend.  From the moment of first contact to the final details of our interview, Segilola was professional, warm, and a joy to work with.

Catherine Auman appeared on the “do not write only to make money” episode, December 2018.


I had a great experience all around

lisa cybaniak: from child abuse survivor to warriorI had a wonderful time guesting on The Segilola Salami Show. We were able to talk so candidly about such a difficult topic, thanks to Segilola’s professionalism and experience.  With Segilola’s approach being so warm, welcoming and genuinely interested, the time just flew by. I had a great experience all around, from booking my appearance and getting to know the podcast format, to the café style conversation during the podcast and the promotion of the piece afterwards. I highly recommend participating in The Segilola Salami Show, where you are sure to have a wonderful conversation and meet a new friend!

Lisa Cybaniak appeared on the From Child Abuse Survivor to Warrior episode, November 2018

The virtual coffee shop is epic

Karen Ford: Principles of Wealth BuildingThe Segilola Show is so comfortable, it made the conversation so easy. The virtual coffee shop is epic and makes you feel welcome to sit and listen to her as well as whoever is with her speaking. This program is more than a talk program, it provides so much valuable information to benefit all.

Karen Ford appeared on the Principle of Wealth Building episode, October 2018.


The response has been amazing

David F Gray How to write a horror storyLike many writers, I am a bit of a recluse. I would rather let my work speak for itself than me speak for it. Having said that, I can honestly say that appearing as a guest on the Segilola Salami show to promote my novel, Gamble’s Run, was an absolute blast! Segilola has a marvellous gift for making you feel at ease in her virtual cafe (I had a virtual protein shake. It was virtually delicious). For the entire time we talked, I felt as if I was the most important person in her life. In addition, the response has been amazing. It was time well spent and I look forward to again dropping by her cafe in the future.

David F Gray appeared on the How to write horror stories episode, September 2018.

“She asks very good questions”

law of karma podcast Death Is an illusion by else byskov“It was such a pleasure to be interviewed by Segilola… She asks very good questions and is quick to follow up with new ideas. I liked being on her show and everything is presented professionally on her site. I hope she has a lot of listeners…she really deserves it…” Else Byskov, author of Death is an illusion.

Else appears on the Else Byskov: Law of Karma episode, October 2018.



“Segilola is obviously a professional who provides a first-rate experience to the guest”

ronald chapman endorsement of segilola salami show

“As a former radio host with a lot of experience in interviewing, I always watch for the things that distinguish a broadcast recording. Segilola is obviously a professional who provides a first-rate experience to the guest. And she created a fun conversation, which is no small feat, which has the added benefit of effectively carrying my message to the audience. A win, win, win proposition. All the more reason for me to look forward to another interview
opportunity with Segilola.” Ronald Chapman, Author, A Killer’s Grace and My Name is Wonder 

Ronald appeared on the Self-publishing vs. working with a small publisher episode in March 2017


“The appearance on your show has allowed us to bring in new clients, increase awareness, and achieve growth.”

nathan hirsch freeup testimonialHello Segilola,

My name is Johnny and I am the Client Relationship Manager at FreeeUp. I work closely with Nathan and we would both like to thank you for having us on your show.

The appearance on your show has allowed us to bring in new clients, increase awareness, and achieve growth. We are thankful for this opportunity and hope we can work together again in the near future.
Nathan Hirsch, appeared on the What are the Pros and Cons of using freelancers? episode, June 2016


“From what my readers tell me, they learned detailed action steps . . .”

Max Rouzier podcast guest authorMy readers may love Segilola more than they do me (I don’t blame them… I kinda do too). Being on this show before my book launch was intimidating, but as soon as I heard her voice and we were live, I felt comfortable. Her energy is infectious and strips away pressure, and stress. So the show was fun, informative and talked about so many aspects of writing in publishing in only 50 minutes. What’s most important to me in a roundtable guest appearance is that the audience can take what we discuss and implement it right away. From what my readers tell me, they learned detailed action steps, abstract  concepts and even interpreted new ideas they can craft to reach their goals in publishing their own content. Sounds like we helped a lot of people. When you hop on this show, you will too.
Max Rouzier, appeared on the Monetisation Strategies episode March 2016.