Last week, I talked about women in space or rather the lack thereof. This week infographic that shares a lot a surprising stats, is about women in engineering. The lack of women in engineering isn’t really a surprise to me. Seeing hard facts that show the extent of the lack is what was surprising to me.

Women in Engineering

The graphic features a quote from RS Components President Marianne Culver, and I’ve popped a snapshot of the statistics the GIF reveals below:

  • Throughout the whole of Europe, Latvia has the highest percentage of female engineers with 30% of their 19,600 strong engineering workforce made up of women (5,880 females in total)
  • The UK currently has the lowest number of women working in engineering, as only 8.7% of the 640,300 strong engineering workforce are women (55,706 females in total)
  • It’s a tight competition between who has the most female engineers in France and Luxembourg, as 16.8% of France’s engineering workforce are women (126,588 females in total) compared to Luxembourg’s 16.7% (952 females in total)
  • However, Luxembourg’s female engineers’ statistics comes over as more impressive as they have an engineering workforce of 5,700 – the smallest figure out of each of the given countries

Should we be doing more to get more women in engineering?



Do you know how many women in engineering there are working in your country? Do you know any female engineers? Do you have any suggestions on what we can or should be doing to get more women in engineering in the future? Please leave a comment below