January 12, 2016

Learn to Count in Yoruba and English

Learn to Count in Yoruba and English

This book has been written as an aid to learning both Yoruba and English. It would help children learn numbers and develop their early years numeracy skills. The Yoruba counting system is different to the English one as it is based on additions and subtractions. So learning to count in Yoruba will set the foundation for learning basic mathematics.

In this book, we count from 1 to 100, then 100 to 1000 in the hundreds

To get the best out of the book, it is best if an adult goes through the book with the child.

Adults learning Yoruba would also find this book useful

Each page should be looked at as an electronic flashcard. The numbers are shown twice. In the first instance, it shows little information, just the number as a figure. The next page shows the figure and the word in Yoruba and English. This repetition should help in remembering the words in both languages.

Constant use of the book should foster a love for learning and confidence speaking both languages.


Learn to count in Yoruba and English


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