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Submit your book details

Submit your book details Are you an author? Do you write books that are children or family friendly? Or did you come across a children’s or family friendly book that you highly recommend? If so, feel free to submit your book details on this website using the... read more

Female Entrepreneur Week June 2017

What is Female Entrepreneur Week (FEW)? Female Entrepreneur Week launches on the 21st of June 2017 and over the course of 10 days, female entrepreneurs from across the globe will be coming together virtually to celebrate FEW! Led by 6 inspiring entrepreneurs,... read more

red dot SAD by Stephen Black

red dot SAD: Stories, Art and Digitalia (2002-2017) by Stephen Black This post was submitted by Stephen Black red dot SAD by Stephen Black is a unique view of Singapore and one man’s creative life within it. Globalism is often perceived as bland and impersonal.... read more


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